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Otto G. Carlsund
1897 - 1948
Sweden Stolen, 1926
The Chair
Olja på trä
124 x 58 cm
Donation 1954 från Fernand Léger
NM 5178 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
The Chair is a strict, taut composition; a wooden chair with a back like a ladder rises from a base consisting of two rectangles. The chair is illuminated from the back, which creates an exciting play of light and shade in which one of the rectangles is an illuminated form. As for the style, The Chair is essentially Purist. In 1924 Carlsund came to Léger's school in Paris to study in order to become a monumental painter, after having previously studied in Dresden as GAN's pupil.  Very soon he adopted the master's style, as well as learning how to vary it.
He quickly became one of Léger's favourite pupils, who acquired the chair himself. Early on Carlsund took part in many exhibitions both in Paris and the United States. Gradually he developed his style, away from Léger's Cubism and towards Purism, Neoplasticism and finally "Art Concret", which was the topic of the great international exhibition he organized at the Park Restaurant in connection with the 1930 Stockholm Exhibition. This manifestation was a complete fiasco, and Carlsund gave up painting for several years. Nor were any of his many grandiose monumental projects executed on a large scale.

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